Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank You Book

hiya...this is another project that kept me busy for a while. my 6 year old son and i made a book for his kindergarten teacher at the end of the year, full of pictures of him and what he did during the schoolyear. thankfully, i took pictures of it before we gave it to her so i could show it off!
this is your basic board book, the one every little kid has and lots of them get a little beat up. i bought this as an old dora the explorer colors book that was starting to fall apart and many of the pages had been drawn on. it's my own way of recycling...i just covered every page with paper, and away i went. i chose paper based on what my son likes, and kind of what would go with the pictures i had. to cover it, i generously put on double sided rolling tape (i used old dollar tree stuff since it takes so much), and lay a full sheet of printed paper on it. i used a craft knife to trim the extra off the edges. each page went the same way, with the paper not quite meeting in the middle of the book, otherwise the book won't close very well. after you get the book covered, it's time to tape on the pics!!! anywho, here's the book in it's entirety...from the cover to the back page with graduation pics.

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Kim said...

Wow Jen This is awesome. You go girl I want to see more! I miss you. I hope all is well.