Monday, November 12, 2007

Boys in Costume!

As promised, here are my boys in their costumes...well, most of the way anyways.
First up is Alexander in his Darth Vader costume. He didn't like the mask because it was too big and he couldn't see out of it very well, so he went without.

Robert was Batman, and had the same issues with his mask as his brother did...he just plain didn't like it over his eyes where it was supposed to be!

Our little Buzz Lightyear, Markus, was the only one to stay in his complete costume the whole night!

Hopefully I'll be posting some more projects soon...Takes me a while to take pictures and get them just the way I want!

Later days!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween pics!

As promised, here are our pumpkin carving pictures. This first one is a picture of all 3 of the boys during the pumpkin carving process...I think I ended up with more pumpkin guts on me than on the floor! We covered the floor with a few layers of newsprint paper first, then let the boys go nuts! From the left is Markus, the youngest at 3 years old, then Robert, almost 5 years old, is sitting with his back to the camera, and Alexander, the toothless 6 year old!

Here is Alexander (AJ for short) showing off his newly toothless grin. He only lost that tooth about an hour before we started carving...his first lost tooth!!! He was having trouble at the dinner table, eating his noodles with his kind of loose tooth...I jokingly told him that if he's having so much trouble eating, he should just pull it out. Well, he couldn't get a good grip on it, so my husband asked if AJ wanted him to pull it...AJ just sat there and let him pull it!! Said it didn't hurt!

Drum roll please.....Here are the finished products!!! From the left, AJ's pumpkin, Markus's, Robbie's and Daddy's kitty. AJ did his entire pumpkin by himself, and he loves the huge nose he put on it. Markus drew his on with a crayon then I cut it out for him. Robert drew on the mouth for me to cut out, then he did the nose and mouth pretty much by himself, with just a little help. Daddy made his with a template from one of those carving kit books you can buy...he loves cats! I didn't get a pumpkin of my own, I just helped with the boys' pumpkins and then cooked all the seeds...We love pumpkin seeds!!!

I'll post again sometime soon with pic of the boys in their costumes...
Have a happy day!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


It's been while since I posted!!! I've been busy with way too many things to do and not nearly enough time to do them all in. I'm going to keep this as quick as I can, since it's almost time to go pick up my oldest boy from school. I have been making things with DP lately...I love nugget boxes, and other things that hold candy. I'm getting ready for a craft fair at the end of November, and I'm thinking that the goodies will sell better than cards did last year (I didn't sell much at all). So here are my first 2 projects. This first one is nugget box, using SU's Dashing paper...I've been using this paper for a while, and I'm almost out! Gotta get another order in. Well, for the boxes, I used the same paper for the box and just covered the nuggets in the opposite side. The photo tags are from Joanns, and I got the eyelets a long time ago and don't remember where they came from. The words say "Happy" and "Holidays", and I punched them out with the word window punch...This picture is only 1 of the 12 I made. Every one of the 12 are different.

I also copied a cute little idea from Cambria for little paper baskets with mints inside. These boxes are simple and fast, just score, cut and tape. I added DP "ribbon" to the top and attached it to the box with star shaped brads. Inside are peppermint patties, with a piece of Real Red cardstock punched out with the scallop punch, then a piece of Dashing DP punched out, then stamped with a stamp from SU's Riveting set in Real Red and I think I used Green Galore, but I'm not sure anymore. Put them all together, place 3 in each little baskets, and you've got a cute little treat! I also made 12 of these for the craft sale, again with all 12 different.

This last project is for a swap I did with my fellow SU demo's. It's pretty simple, and since the only rule for the swap was to use layers, I tried to use lots. I also like really busy cards when all the paper matches like this one did. All the patterns are from a DCWV paper stack I picked up at Joanns last weekend during their big sale...180 sheets of beautiful 12x12 paper for only $9.99!!! I'm having a blast with all of them. I used SU's Season's of Joy stamp, and only added one small brad.

I hope to have a few Halloween pics up soon...the boys all carved pumpkins and had a make our pumpkin carving even more fun, my oldest son lost his first tooth right before we started!!! More about that later...Have a great day!!!