Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Been Too Long!!!

Ok, I know it's been a while since i posted anything...well, it's been since i set up my page to begin with. here goes a try at this blog thing...this is a birthday style card i made for a little boy in my sons class. the point of it is to give the child a one dollar bill for each year of his/her age, and only one bill per part of the card. this was for a 6 year old.

this is the card, all folded up. it's a look at the front of it i guess.

and here we are, all unfolded, but without the dollar bills put on (those came later). i used a simply scrappin kit for the whole thing. each part of the card was measured so a dollar bill would fit with a little room on the edges for the extras. each part is a piece of white cardstock, with 2 pieces of colored cardstock on top (one on each side to cover the white completely). a few of the colored cardstock is stamped with the Stampin Up Canvas background stamp. to put all the parts together, i just punched two eyelet holes in the top and two in the bottom, put the eyelets in, then tied them all together with hemp.
i kinda thought this would be a funny idea for someone turning 40 or 50...give them a huge card, full of one dollar bills that hang down so far. oh well, i'll keep it to a 6 year old for now! hope you enjoy and now that i have this figured out i'll be posting more and more and more.....

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Kim said...

Awesome Jenni, I want to see this card IRL! I miss seeing you every month!