Monday, November 12, 2007

Boys in Costume!

As promised, here are my boys in their costumes...well, most of the way anyways.
First up is Alexander in his Darth Vader costume. He didn't like the mask because it was too big and he couldn't see out of it very well, so he went without.

Robert was Batman, and had the same issues with his mask as his brother did...he just plain didn't like it over his eyes where it was supposed to be!

Our little Buzz Lightyear, Markus, was the only one to stay in his complete costume the whole night!

Hopefully I'll be posting some more projects soon...Takes me a while to take pictures and get them just the way I want!

Later days!!

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GinaP said...

hey, thanks for leaving a gift under my tree - i checked yours out to find your tree... where is it girl??? I'll check ya later~